This is our story

We are a 6 piece wedding band based in Scotland.   We have both male and female lead vocalists, a powerful rhythm section and live fiddle player for the ceilidh!

Unlike most wedding bands, we take a far more rock n roll attitude towards what we do.  And this passion and energy shines through in our powerful performances that leaves crowds dazzled.  We can't tell you how many times we have been told we are unlike any other band on the scene.

The Rear View Band was set up in response to the need to be better, more exciting and more professional than what was on offer!    The traditional wedding band was simply boring, tired and over exposed!  We wanted to feel the energy and excitement of seeing your favourite band right in front of you... but at your wedding!

To achieve this the band had to be different, unique, offer something more than just your average wedding band!   Having spent time researching and understanding the wedding market, one thing became clear; most wedding bands just stood around and played music.... the REAR VIEW band needed put on a show!

By focusing not only on the quality of the music we provide but also the performance of the music itself; Band leader , Jamie Turnbull, would now ensure he had the perfect complement of professional musicians to make this happen.   It was extremely important that each player in the REAR VIEW band was at the top of their game; skilled, talented, professional and above all - passionate about music and performance.

 With the band in place it was time to create a set list. This was just as important as the band itself.  The set had to create an experience like no other, catering to all tastes, whilst ensuring the dance floor was never empty.   This meant straying away from the same old tried and tested repertoires and instead focus on bringing the wedding band routine firmly into the 21st century! 

The result was a dynamic and evolving  set comprised entirely of genuine floor fillers, tried and tested to ensure that everyone had an amazing experience!       

After several months honing our sound and performance,  the REAR VIEW band opened its diary for bookings. Word soon spread of the bands energetic performances and professional attitude, which lead to more and more bookings.

Ten years on and the REAR VIEW band is now widely regarded as Scotland's premier wedding band, performing at weddings across the UK all year round. 

Having racked up hundreds of positive reviews and testimonials one thing always reoccurs:


the REAR VIEW band are....

Dion Wells-Jansz - Vocals and Percussion

Lisa Aird - Vocals and Sax

Jamie Turnbull - Band Leader, Guitar and vocals

Thornton Goldie - Bass Guitar

David Townhill - Keys and Fiddle

Sam Bidgood - Drums 

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